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The Thin Blue Paw
January 2019

Hello again everyone,
Since my last canine column I have been a very busy boy.  Stew and I have been on lots of adventures and attended training days.  I am now 16 weeks old and have grown lots and more than doubled my weight – that’s down to all the good food Alison and Stew give me – I really like my supper which is Weetabix and goats milk – it’s yummy!!

I have to socialise as much as possible in a variety of places and situations.  I’ve been introduced to livestock, here is a picture of me with some new friends. 

I also like to go to a large park near where I live – I like to feed the ducks and meet other dogs and humans.   

I like to go to a superstore once a week to do my shopping with Stew, it’s good preparation for me as the floor is slippery – some Police dogs fail the course because they can’t cope with slippery floors.  We don’t get very far as the shop staff and customers like to make a fuss of me.

My training is going well.  I have been taught the basics of tracking, this is a very important part of my work when I become a fully fledged Police dog, as the majority of my work will be looking for vulnerable people.  I did very well on the agility and confidence course at Police Headquarters. I was very confident, even on the narrow walkways.  The canine development officer said some adult dogs struggle to do this. I was very pleased with myself, as was Stew. 

At our training sessions I see my brother, like most brothers we are always fighting!  Stew and I practice what we have been taught over and over.  We only spend about five minutes practising then we play a game for a while.  I have also been train spotting at the local train station.

I took Stew out to our local Wetherspoons to socialise, he got a bit embarrassed, I had three pints and I was anybody’s!!  I started to celebrate Christmas a bit early, here I am ‘the afternoon after the morning after the night before’!

I went to our local Remembrance Day parade with Alison, Stew and some of Jamie’s Army friends, we laid a wreath for Jamie. Stew said I did very well as there was a band playing, lots of people and loud bangs – none of it fazed me.

I like Stew, the other week I brought him in a present from the garden.  It was a water iris, plus all of its roots and soil from the pond.  Yes, he was really pleased as I dragged it through the kitchen into the sitting room!

I have to close now, as I have to find my bone which I hid in the garden – if only I could remember where I hid it!!  Remember, I’m new to tracking!

Here I am doing some last minute Christmas shopping.

Happy New Year!

Bye for now,




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