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Tigger's Blog

As I will probably be hiding under a blanket somewhere at midnight due to the fireworks.
I am wishing a Happy New Year to all my Family, Friends and followers. Thank you all for being part of my journey

Let’s have some New Year Resolution fun.
Tell me your resolutions and we can see who is still sticking to them.
Share your resolutions too.

2nd January
This year is the year of the dog.
Does this mean this is the year I could gain some fame and fortune?
I hope so.

3rd January
I was asked if I could add a sales section to my website for anyone wanting to sell or swap their animal items.
So I have created a Market Place in my forum. This will be run as a test to see how things go. 


Has your human ever bought you something and your first thought is....why?
Share your stories of the funny and strange things your human has bought you in my forum.

4th January
Ooops! another toy that has failed the Tigger Test BOL!



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