Claws N Paws
54-56 Station Road, Sheringham
Norfolk NR26 8RG

Credit: Thanks to Olly for telling me about this business

Claws 'N' Paws is an independent family owned business, supplying all your pets requirements.
Live animal mostly locally bred, cold water and tropical fish

Tel: 01263 825070
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Review: Olly
This shop is strictly for us non-humans, although they allow humans in purely to provide opposable thumbs and money.

As you walk in the door, once you've made it passed any outdoor displays, you're instantly hit by all the smells.

It smells A-MAZ-ING.

They sell a wide range of treats and food. Apparently though, the live animals aren't for eating?

It also has fish and tweety birds, we didn't go in that room though, 'coz guinea pigs smell better.

There's a range of non-tasty essentials too like beds, toys, leads and collars. There were harnesses, but the ones I saw would just about have for my brother Dylan's head!

My humans have been holiday shopping here for years. It's a local family business and has all the charm and friendliness you'd expect.

Only, watch out for your humans as it's quite a tight space as its full of stuff to buy and one of mine walked intro the corner of a shelf and got herself a scratch. Can't take them anywhere.

The sausage on the cake is that if you go up to the counter you get a treat! You don't even need to sit nicely to get it!

Speaking of sausages, I gotta go, the humans bought us a bag of sausage chewy treats.


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