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TOPIC: Getting a puppy

Getting a puppy 3 years 7 months ago #103

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It is always an exciting time when getting your puppy.
However before you grab your coat and rush out of the door. There are a few things to consider first.

1. Do you freak out at the slightest spot of dust in your home?
Once a puppy arrives you can virtually guarantee there will be pee and poop everywhere and teeth marks will appear like magic in everything you own. Even once your puppy is house trained you will forever be wearing dog hair regardless of how much you brush your clothes. Muddy pawprints on your jeans are the sign other dog owners can identify you.

2. Do you like walking outside in all weather every day, several times a day?
Puppies need to be exercised. Even if they haven't had all of their jabs they still need you in the garden with them.

3. Do you have the time and commitment?
As puppies they are high maintenance as they need a lot of attention. Puppies ideally should not be left alone for long hours as they cannot control their bladder/bowel and need to feel they have not been abandoned.

4. Do you have the stamina?
After a long day, just when you are ready to slump into the sofa and watch the TV your puppy will spring into action and demand attention. They seem to have a sixth sense to know when you are tired and dial up their energy levels.

5. Do you function well without sleep?
Puppies are taken from the safety of their birth litter and are taken home to a quiet house that has no familiar smells. Sleeping for the first few weeks will be a bonus and you should not expect much.

6. Do you want to be a full time laundry worker?
For the first few months during the sleepless nights and discovering where and where not to 'go', your puppy will guess where they can 'go'. Sometimes this is mere inches from where they did it the last time even though you thoroughly cleaned that spot and there is no remaining smell.

7. Do you have patience?
Like most newborns they will need to be taught things several times before they get things right.

8. Do you work well under pressure?
You can have days where your puppy has peed on the carpet and while you are cleaning that up they have peed or pooped in another place you haven't noticed yet and they have moved on to chewing the remote.

9. Do you like dogs?
As your puppy will grow into an adult dog, which seems to take a lot of people by surprise, you need to realise you are actually getting a dog. A puppy only stays as a cute bundle of fur for a relatively short peiod of time. Ask around as other dog owners will tell you that they got their puppy and it fitted in the palm of their hand. Yet now you are both having the conversation at the kitchen table as their dog has spread out all over the sofa with no intention to move.

10. Do you realise how long you need to care for your puppy?
Most dogs depending on their breed average between 8 and 16 years. So make sure you are fully aware and committed to looking after your puppy for the rest of its life.
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