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 Sickness Bug
There is currently a sickness bug going around that is affecting dogs.

It was initially reported that the sickness bug was at one beach area in Yorkshire.
However more reports soon came in from different areas and pretty soon we had warnings of beaches making dogs sick up and down the country.

Soon there were discussions linking the sickness to the recent dead bird, crab and other sea critters being washed up on the beaches in the last few months.
Then there were reports of dogs getting the same or similar sickness that had not been at the beach.

In researching the causes I have found that many environmental and government experts are looking into the cause. Although to date there has been no definitive answer.
Some think is it environmental, pollution out at sea, pollution due to raw sewerage dumping, dredging that has stirred up historical pollutants that had settled on the sea bed.

Whatever the cause, none of the experts can agree on the cause or even if there is a solution.
In the meantime dogs are getting sick and in some cases have died.
So while the experts are scratching their heads and experting, what do we do?

I tried to sniff out the answers for you and this is what I found so far.
Yes dogs are getting sick, very sick and in some cases dying.
Not all dogs that are getting sick have been to the beach recently, but I am unsure if one of those sick dogs have been near a dog that had visited a beach.
Dogs have been affected by a similar sickness bug since at least 2019. So is this a seasonal bug that dogs get? Is it a dog version of getting a cold or the flu as it is always around the same time of year?

Whatever the causes, the only thing I can definitely say is that if you do get sick or are a bit under the weather ,please contact your vet for advice and treatment if necessary.
Remember to mention the symptoms before visiting the surgery in case the vets have to isolate you from other patients.
Your vet will advise of any known local sickness and will probably have an advice sheet for your humans to follow.

Whatever the cause and wherever it is happening, please make sure you keep safe and have your paws, legs and underbelly towelled or washed after going out for walks.
Always seek professional veterinary advice above social media suggestions.
If you do feel unwell or get sick, please make sure you stay at home and get your human to entertain you and only go out into your garden (if possible). Avoid socialising with other dogs.
If your vet gives you medication, please make sure you take the full dose to the end of the vet’s recommended duration even if you feel better.

Stay safe pals!