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North Tyneside Council issues
Fake dog warden warning.

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There have been reports from North Tyneside council that humans pretending to be dog wardens are issuing on the spot fines to dog owners.
They are issuing tickets and demanding the fine to be paid immediately.
Also more worrying, there have been instances where the 'warden' has tried to take the dog from the owner.
These 'wardens' have been seen driving a black unmarked van, although it is possible they could use different vehicles.

The reason these humans are getting away with this is that there is no clear information about tickets, how they are issued and how they have to be paid.
A lot of humans are not really aware of what an on the spot fine means. It does not mean you have to pay it straight away, it means they can issue a ticket or penalty 'on the spot' rather than having to go to court or any other long drawn out process.

For a real council warden to issue a ticket, they issue it and you are told that it has to be paid within 14 days. Real wardens do not have the facility or authority to take money at the time of issuing tickets. Even if you are given a number to ring or the ticket has a contact number on it, check with the council directly via their normal number if you are unsure.
If you believe the warden was not a genuine council warden you can also report it to the police on their non urgent number.

Although this has been reported in North Tyneside this may be happening in other areas but due to the public not being aware of how tickets are issued or paid they are not being reported.
So  if your human is in the situation where a warden is trying to give you a ticket or take your dog be aware and check they are the real warden.

Make sure you let all  your furpals and their humans about this.
Don't forget an 'on the spot fine' it the rules for issuing a ticket and not the right of the person issuing it to demand money at the time.

Stay safe out there furpals