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Winter Checklist
As winter approaches you need to be reminding your humans to take a bit of time to think about you and how winter affects you.

This is not only for dogs, it is for all animals that may go out or be exposed to winter hazards.
There are a few things your humans need to know:

Frost/ice snow.

Although we can walk outside in most weather conditions and our humans usually forget to think that we can suffer from toxic poisoning,  frostbite, ice burns and cracked paws which could lead not only to pain, infections but also in some cases – death !!

Antifreeze/screen wash for vehicles:
This is poisonous for us.
Now I am not expecting you to remind your humans to top up their cars, but for you to remind them that if they spill any on the ground or their shoes they need to clear it up. Better still if possible store their outdoor shoes where you cannot reach them and to take them off before walking through the house.

Road grit/salt:
This is poisonous for us
they need to know this can both burn you or poison you if you lick your paws after a walk.

Winter checklist:
1. Check your paws for cracks, cuts and any ice, remembering to check between the toes.

2. Clean/wash your paws after every walk.

3. Ensure you are wrapped up well when going for walks, but making sure you don't overheat too.

4. Get your humans to take extra care when topping up all liquids for their vehicles.

5. Store chemicals away where we cannot chew or lick the containers.

Cats and cars:
Check vehicles for cats.
Cats often crawl into vehicle’s engines and wheel arches to keep warm.

It is not always enough to look for paw prints in the snow as it may have snowed after the cat squeezed into the engine, or there may be no snow on the ground at all.

A lot of humans think opening and closing the vehicle door is enough to warn a sleeping cat.

However cats do not spring into action the moment they hear something. Especially if they have been asleep for a while during the cold weather.

It is better for humans to knock on their bonnet then walk around wiping and tapping each of their lights before opening the door.

This would give the cat time to wake up and squeeze its way out of wherever they were sleeping.

Stay safe in winter pals !  

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