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Tigger's Tails - September 2016

1st September 500 followers on Twitter !! Next target 1000. Thank you all so much for following me

3rd September
Went to Delaval Hall with my human.
I like going here but I am not too sure about the sheep and some of the statues.

When I got home I decided to give Instagram a go and set up a page for myself.
Phew!! how much technology can one dog handle?
I am there as Tiggers_Tails in case you would like to follow me there too.

4th September
I wrote an article about dogs being left in hot cars.
It is in my Articles & News section: Dogs in Hot Cars

I then rewarded myself with a blueberry Frozzy

 Day 1

My humans are wandering around the house today packing things into bags. I don’t know what is going on but they are packing lots of things. Is there a strange thing humans do that I have not noticed before?

Oh hang on they are folding up my shed (crate), what are they up to?

I have my collar, harness and lead put on. They put everything they packed up, including my shed, into the car. Then we all get into the car.

We travel for what feels like forever. Eventually we get to a field full of sheds on stilts and some brick buildings. We wait around at the entrance until a human arrives and gives my humans some keys. We then drive on the little road in the field until we get to a brick building.

We get out and get shown around the inside by this new human. The new human leaves and my humans set about emptying the contents of the car into the building. My humans say we will be staying here for a week. That may be so but where are we? What am I to do? How will I get fed? More importantly how long is a week?

When my humans had emptied the contents of the car into the building and tidied everything away we went outside and sat in the little garden enjoying the sunshine. I am not sure what a holiday is, but if this is it...I definitely like holidays.

Later on we went for a walk. We walked through the sheds on stilts and across a little bridge with a small river running over it. The bridge was a bit scary as it moved when I walked on it.

We walked along the thin lane for a short distance where my human changed my short lead for my long lead. I enjoyed myself sniffing each side of the track in front of my humans as they walked.

I got a bit carried away and started jumping into the side where there were hidden ditches and long grass. My humans said to stop or I might hurt myself. Well yes you can guess what happened next. I didn’t listen and jumped in and hurt myself. My humans checked me but could not see where I was hurt. They decided at that point to walk back to the building, which is called a cottage.

When we get back to the cottage I show my humans that I am still hurting. They check me carefully but still cannot find out what is wrong. My humans decide that if I am still hurting in the morning we will go back home so they can take me to the vet. Wow is this going to be the world’s shortest holiday?

Later when my humans were sitting outside and I was wearing my lead, lying on one of my beds feeling sorry for myself, an alien appeared! It first of all jumped onto the low wall surrounding the garden. Then it jumped into the garden. It was speaking a strange language of short and long sounds. I froze in fear as I didn’t know what it was. My humans laughed at me and said it was only a chicken and it was just exploring. I wasn’t convinced so I kept an eye on it until it jumped onto the wall and left

My human woke me up really early, so early it was still dark outside. They checked me to see if I was still sore but I didn’t feel sore anymore so they seemed happy with that.

I was taken outside into the garden on lead. I wasn’t happy with the lead but they said they did not want me to jump over the low wall and get lost or hurt. So I suppose I will put up with it.

A little bit later once the sun had eventually arrived. We were outside when a car slowly drove by, stopped and beeped its horn once, then continued to drive slowly around the sheds. A human from the shed where the car had beeped came out and picked up his bicycle, then slowly peddled in the same direction the car went. My human laughed and said this was the countryside version of a high speed pursuit. I did not know what my human was talking about, but it seemed to amuse them. Humans really are very difficult to understand at times.

We had a really lazy day in the cottage where the farthest we got was the garden. My humans enjoyed the rest and I spent my time looking for those assassin chickens that called out all of the time but I could not always see them. I think they are plotting something. I will not let my guard down while I am here.

One of the humans that seem to be in charge of the field full of sheds walked past and came over to talk to my humans. They tried to talk to me but I wasn’t sure so I gave a quick growl. My human went over to them and was given some meat with flavoured gravy on. My human turned round and called me over and gave the meat to me. It was so delicious. I feel a bit guilty now for growling at the human, so I half wagged my tail at them. They seemed happy at that and smiled at me then left.

After it got dark I waited until we had gone back indoors and everyone had settled down before I asked to go outside. I was taken outside on lead and my human had to do poop collection duties by torchlight.

Today my humans decided to venture out to the nearby village which they were told was only ten minutes away.

We walked the same route we had the other day when I had hurt myself, except this time I was kept on a short lead. We went past the part where I hurt myself and kept walking. It was a bit steep in places but we took our time. After passing a couple of houses hidden out in the middle of nowhere I was beginning to wonder if this village existed.

Just as I was about to give up and put in an official complaint with the humans we went around the corner and saw the village. Oh yes it was nearby but in the valley below. How were we going to get to the village? I couldn’t see a path or road leading to it. It must be nearby so I decided not to complain and started to look forward to what there might be in the village.

Not that the village was huge, but we had walked past it by the time I saw the path leading to it. We had to walk down a steep slope and across a narrow long bridge that was high above a little river. That was a bit extreme to have such a high bridge for such a small river. I was a bit frightened but my humans reassured me. We walked along a path that was made through a large overgrown field with the white frames that I have seen humans kick balls at.

We were in the village. We walked around the village. No shops and no humans, just houses. Oh there is a bench. I bet my humans want to sit there and make the excuse I need a rest. What did I tell you? They said I looked like I needed a rest and they should sit there for five minutes. Yeah really humans.. I have four paw drive, you only have two foot drive. After I apparently had had enough of a rest my humans decided to have a walk back to the cottage. Now here is more of that human logic about to be used. Instead of walking back the way we came, they decided to walk back a different way. You had better go get yourself a chew toy and make yourself comfortable as this is probably going to be more adventurous that it was on the way here

We walked for what felt like forever, when one of my humans said “Oh look a Herron” my other human said “where” and my human replied... wait for it... “Over there in the tree”. yes;"> In a tree? Are you serious? We are in the biggest forest I have ever seen in my life and you want me to look for a bird in a tree?

We walked along more tracks and past more trees.We then came across a road that went through a stream. My humans called it a ford.  I was keen to wade across but my humans back tracked a bit to find the path that took them over the nearby footbridge.

By the time the cottage was back in sight even I was tired. We all walked towards the cottage getting slower by the minute.

At last we made it back. I jumped on the sofa, sprawled out and refused to move and my humans had to make do with sitting on the floor.

So all in all, the village that was apparently ten minutes away was in fact a three hour round trip.

Later, when I was still tired after my epic walk, that my humans tested me off lead in the cottage garden, even though the wall was very low. I was well behaved and did not try to jump over it.

Late that night when my humans sat outside for the last time that night they sat outside. I was on lead again and was just wandering around in the dark. I managed to spook myself and darted past the wrought iron patio table and chair and managed to tip them up with such a clatter. Being so late my humans rushed to stop them crashing to the ground.

They hoped no one had heard the noise, but in an area where it is very quiet all of the time, I doubt they are right.