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Tigger's Tails - August 2016

It has been a busy month so far.
I visited SHAK at their new HQ in Alnwick with my best friend Strawberry.

I started to write reviews of places I visit so that other animals can see how good or bad a place is before they visit.
Although my website and forum has been going for a few months now, I am finding it hard to get visitors here.
I have tried letting everyone know it is free to post an advert for their charity/ animal related business but they don't seem to want to advertise here.
So I need to try and find out what everyone and their humans want to see here.

In the meantime I will continue to write my blog, update my story and continue to get extra stuff added that may be of interest to everyone.

I visited Delaval Hall yesterday and have posted a review in the places to visit section.
My human has found where I hid my toy rat.... they had forgotten to take it out of the bag after our walk