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Tigger's Tails - October 2019

Hi Pals,

October Brings the start of the “noisy” season.
This is when humans feel the need to spends vast amounts of money on noisy , scary, Fireworks.

I live in hope each year that they will be restricted to official public displays only.
Hopefully you don’t have too much stress if you hear any fireworks.

I have been out exploring this month. As my human’s car can not be trusted to travel great distances, or any distance at all BOL!
My pals Major and Erica’s human volunteered to let me (and my human) join them in their car.

We travelled as far south (yes pals it is south for me BOL!) to Nottingham and then North to the very dog friendly Innerleithen in Scotland.
Not on the same day I have to add.

I was excited to travel and meet everyone.
I hope I get time to do it again. Although touring the UK via every coffee shop could take a while when travelling with Major and Erica BOL!

Nose bump to you