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Tigger's Tails - May 2019

Hi readers,
It has been a very exciting month for me as I thought my quest for fame was one step closer, well one paw at least.

I have read about famous animals and humans that get asked to put their paw print in cement for all of eternity.
When I saw that some cement was put out for me I was so happy and felt so touched that I was to be honoured in this way.
I was a bit disappointed there were no puparazi around to photograph the event, but after carefully placing my paw in the cement to create a perfect paw print, I knew at least my paw print was there forever.
I went to bed that night feeling really happy.

The next morning fate struck it’s cruel blow.
As I went to visit my now perfectly dried paw print, I was met with my neighbor who was building a wall on top of it!
I was shocked and stunned!
My neighbor just laughed and said that they had not removed my paw print and it would still be there, forever, under the wall.

So near and yet so far *sigh*

Nose bump to you