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Repawter Duke
-August 2020

I wanted to tell you about my social distancing outing to Shugbourgh Estate National Trust  

This was my first walk out since lockdown 23rd March and meant meeting my furpal girlfriend Luna . Dad even took the first couple of photos from 2 metres away. 

We had to book an earlier ticket so that meant we could go and look at the flowers in the walled garden.

 It was also 4 days after Stars 12th birthday she was wearing her birthday bandana. 

Even though guidelines have changed it still means I can’t get cuddles or hugs from strangers.
I miss not giving out my sloppy Duke kisses.
The house have a lovely estate after walking to the rear of the house we went on a new footpath over a bridge and across the river side. 

Due to the Covid situation one of the gates was locked to take us up the long path back to the car park. So we doubled back on ourselves back to the house.

We then had a picnic with 2 metres between the hoomans no sharing of food, cutlery or drinks. 

So in summary how has the Covid 19 pandemic affected walks/meeting fur friends. 
1. Many need to book appointments timed slots -
national trust only release 1 week in advance 
2. Need to keep apart 2 metres ideally when passing others v 3. Have hand gel and face mask with you 
4. Take water for hounds as it may be harder to get bowls filled up and avoids extra trips to toilets. 
More importantly stay safe 
Until next time 
Love and virtual licks