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Repawter Duke
- September 2020

The National Trust is now letting you walk in the grounds with a pre booked ticket. So we went to Baddesley Clinton.

Although I think hoodad should have brought his cutters with him to see the sign better. The good news was they had signs telling you how to have fun safely.

In the car park was QR codes to download to your phone for walks on the estate.

Hoomans were prepared in advance and had a walk printed off. The first choice was walk or shop but sadly the shop wasn't open yet so the decision was  made.

The path to the left by a church with the same name as hoodad. But no barking was allowed as a service was going on.

Then along a path and then at the side of the country lane.

The path then took us across two fields then we came across a problem. Well actually about 50 cows by the gate we needed to go through. We attempted to walk calmly down the field but the cows wanted to say hello so we took a quick walk back out of the field. After the Hoomans had caught their breath - unfit hoodad got his GPS to find another route home.

We got back safely by now it was warm so after 4 miles we were zorsted!

Hoodad went in the shop to get my visitors passport stamped whilst we had a kip!

A fun safe walk and way better than the block!

Keep safe
Love and licks