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Tell me a little bit about yourself.
I am Charlie a cavalier King Charles spaniel Cross Jack Russel from Salford, I lived within the traveling community and was used to breed puppies, lots and lots of puppies.
Apparently I had too many litters and wasn’t treated well, I had bad fleas and all my fur fell out.
I was found wandering the streets after I was dumped, the RSPCA picked me up and took me to Manchester Dog’s Home.
My hoomum came to see me and fell in love with my fantastic personality of course! I didn’t have much fur, had a very saggy tummy / bits. Hoomum took me home that day and spent lots of time with me to train me and get me fit. Now I have a very thick coat of fur which hoomum says I shed loads and especially on her clothes when she’s going out. I am extra cuddly and loving, I follow hoomum everywhere she goes.

How many siblings do you have and long have you had them?
I have a furbrother, Sammy, who was here when I arrived 6 months ago.
He has been here for nearly 3 years now.

Do you work? If so where/what do you do?
I am an apprentice, as I’m relatively new here I am just learning the ropes.

If you could choose your name what would it be?
Lara Croft

What is your favourite food?
Fooooood *drools*

Where is your favourite place to be?
on the sofa with hoomum

What is your favourite way to entertain yourself (annoy your humans)?
tripping everyone up.

What is your greatest accomplishment?
Chewing hoomum’s AirPods.

What is your next goal in life?
Tripping hoomum up whilst she’s carrying a plate of food!! 

If you could be/do anything for a day, what would it be?
An explorer.

Finally and most importantly...What was your human’s most embarrassing moment?
The time when I pinned a naughty Jack Russell down in the park because it kept trying to bite me. 

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