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Tell me a little bit about yourself.
I was adopted as an adult from Birmingham Dogs Home, sunnyside over 13 years ago which makes me 14 years old. Despite being companion to Candy Cavalier and Floss Irish Grey (non-racer), I was a “house-wrecker”. I was so badly behaved, that my Mum would cry when she got home to see what damage I had done. After 9 months I was a complete angel!

My humans had a lot of patience with me. I don’t like other dogs. I have been attacked several times.

How many siblings do you have and long have you had them?
Candy Cavalier KC was adopted as a breeders reject, but despite a bad heart, she lived until she was 14yrs (now over the rainbow). Floss. A fawn greyhound (but very small), was also from sunnyside; adopted when 507 yrs old (now over the rainbow), When floss passed, I became, at 7 years, a foster Mum to abandoned lurcher Bakewell ( via Dogs Trust). When Candy passed, the humans adopted a huge black x-racing greyhound who was called peaches from RGT Wolverhampton.

I was scared of her at first, but she was the only one we thought was ok-ish? (we saw 9 over 2 days!)

Humans; we have Mum, Dad and two hoobrothers aged 23 and 24 yrs.

Do you work? If so where/what do you do?
My first job was teaching Bakewell how to be a dog. I think I did a good job because I was a perfect role model, even though he grew almost twice as tall!

I am now at leisure, as i am going deaf and blind... I hover around my parents feet. We now have a 2 yr old lurcher from NGR, called Oreo. I hide from her by sticking my head under a cushion. She was adopted because I had liver disease, and no dog would play with Bakewell. My next liver test results were normal !!

If you could choose your name what would it be?
I.m fine with Cherry. I was highly athletic in my first 2 years. I could easily jump 6 ft high. I liked being high up to see what was going on, a bit like a Meerkat!

What is your favourite food?
I just love all food... theres nothing I won’t havea go at eating. I had a sweet tooth. Once I had to go on a diet!
I will eat frozen peas and carrots.

Where is your favourite place to be?
These days – at night by Mum’s head or feet. By day on one of the 2 sofas, a sofabed (Peaches), in front of the fire, or straddled on the back of the sofa. When I’m hot, I love splooting! I like walks, but hate other dogs.

What is your favourite way to entertain yourself (annoy your humans)?
To get a reward, I will lift a paw for you, or stand on my back legs (like a Meerkat). I will dig up a whole blanket into a ball to sleep on. I can still roll on my back with a toy in my paws and play. I expect to lick yoghurt lids, and pots (when empty). I get my Dad up for a wee in the night... usually when he’s already been with the others when i was fast asleep!

What is your greatest accomplishment?
Firstly surviving. I know if my parents didn’t give me a chance for 9 months to change my behaviour from house-wrecking, I fear I no-one else would have put up with me.

I cost them a lot of time and money. I once chewed up my hoobrother’s Blackberry phone, I disconnected the landline phone, ate TV remotes, emptied the soil out of every plant pot in the living room, smashed plates, knocked everything off the kitchen work-surface.

It was my last chance to fit in.

What is your next goal in life?
To stay healthy, and a loving to my family. I don’t like Oreo much, but she cares about me, so I will try harder.

If you could be/do anything for a day, what would it be?
I would eat all day if I could; I am already and angel to my hoomans. I would love to have seen my old friends Candy and Floss again before they were put to sleep. I loved cuddling Candy – she was a fluffy hot water bottle; a warm cushion. These sighthounds are all so bony, except for Peaches thighs! I would liked to have been taller.

Finally and most importantly...What was your human’s most embarrassing moment?
I used to go camping. My hoomans had to make sure I couldn’t escape under the tent. One morning they got up, and I wasn’t in the basket.
They thought they had lost me.

All the time, I had felt cold in the night, and I was in the bottom of 9yr old hoobrother’s sleeping bag. I still try to sleep with my hoobrother... he’s 23 now.

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