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Ross, Founder and CEO of Bug Bakes, read about insect protein whilst studying at The University of Glasgow and was shocked to learn livestock farming was having such a negative effect on the planet. So he decided to do something about it! You get some funny looks from friends and family when you tell them you plan on selling insects to dogs instead of getting a real job… But he was naive enough to give it a go despite having no prior experience in business. How hard could it be?! Turns out pretty hard... he knew nothing... about anything! So he rolled up his sleeves and taught himself everything the hard way. Receiving all the bumps and bruises along the way! However, with the help of his four legged companion, Lyra, he ended up with Bug Bakes. The UK’s first dog treat made with sustainable insect protein! After attending many markets and events, Ross knew he was onto something. Dogs (and their owners) loved Bug Bakes!  

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Website: www.bugbakes.co.uk

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