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About Us:
My name is Jim Greenwood. At the age of twelve, I was introduced to the world of dogs by a Whippet pup who we called Snoopy. How my Dad had acquired him I never knew, as he had never before shown any interest in owning a dog. I was just overjoyed that the house now contained a puppy. Well I was only twelve!

In the far off days of 1972, a dog who walked to heel was considered well trained. I soon learned that Snoopy and I had a bond. We went everywhere together. He seemed to know what I wanted, and I seemed to be able to understand what he was telling me.

I am not claiming that there was anything mystical going on or that we held conversations, it was just a boy and his dog having adventures together.

Over the last 35 years, I have worked with my own dogs and those needing help with their dogs , in many different disciplines from the pet to the worker. Many completion wins, and field trial successes later, I have refined how to communicate and understand what the dog requires from us for its side of the partnership. My twenty years in industry have honed my skills in providing training for people. Combining the knowledge of the dogs behaviour and language and an ability to communicate to the human element, has enabled me to promote the understanding that is vital to any good partnership.

I have found through my work with many types of animal that one thing holds true, and that is trust.

I am fully qualified, having gained a degree in Animal Management/Training and Counselling and have full insurance.

Appointments and Events: 07498 056395 
All other Enquiries: 07896 025435

Website: www.jandjgreenwood.co.uk 


Review by Fred:
When I first arrived at my forever home I was quite shut down.
I reacted badly to a lot of situations so my humans got in touch with Jim Greenwood.
Now I am much better now thanks to Jim.


Review By Rolo:
I can highly recommend him as my sisfur attended a workshop with him & sorted out her sudden stopping & constant barking a treat.
It was just after she arrived here. She would stop with no notice on walks & not move normally mid way crossing a road.
Oh & bark when out & saw other dogs especially if they were playing or if she wasn’t moving.
Major results on the same night.

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