Animal Rescue LIve
Repawter: Doris

I, or should I say, Elaine - my human, had the pleasure of working with Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare and Channel 4 all week (Monday 12th August to Friday 16th August) on the Animal Rescue Live with Supervet Noel Fitzpatrick.

Elaine volunteer’s for the centre and it was great to see the charity used to promote rehoming of all animals.

Filming was live each night and the animals loved their attention under in front of the cameras.
The donkeys rolled and stole 'prop' plants, dogs excitably barked to be in the horse barn and rabbits ate hay 'seats'.
All fun.

The important message was about rehoming centres and donations reached nearly 500k by the end of the week.
UK animal charities can apply for funding so keep your eyes on the Animal Rescue Live website.

p.s. Noel was amazing, as you would expect!

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