1st May 2018

K9 Organics Shampoo

K9 Organics contacted me and asked if they sent me some products, would I test them and write a review.

Product(s) Received:
1 x Bottle of Mint Organic Dog Wash
1 x Bottle of Lavender Organic Dog Wash
(both sample size)

Products Used:
Bottle of Mint Organic Dog Wash

Unfussy Clear packaging
Company name and product clearly labelled

Using the Product:
1. Pleasant smell—not too strong
2. Not too much foamy stuff.
3. It was surprisingly soothing when applied.
4. Easy to rinse off.

Personal Observations:
1. Despite the wrestling involved I do feel relaxed
2. My fur feels softer.
3. I smell nice. Not that I was stinky before. I just don’t have my normal dog smell.
4. My human does not have wet dog smell on them like other dog shampoos they have used.
5. The bathroom. Although soaked, does not smell of wet dog.

Overall Product Rating:
I was surprised at how relaxed I felt as my human was applying it.
It’s a pity they followed up with jugs of water!!

Would I buy the product myself:
Are you kidding me? Three baths in three years is more than enough for me. Three more than enough!

Although if I was forced to endure yet another bath then yes I probably would buy the product myself.

Tags: Product Testing