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1st July 2018

Paracord Leads North East

I was contacted by Paracord leads North East and asked if they send me a lead, would I like to review it.

Product Review:
Paracord Leads North East

Product(s) Received:
1 x paracord lead

Products Used:
Paracord Lead

Arrived in a plain Brown envelope.
NOTE: They are based in a town near me so hand delivered the lead.

Using the Product:
As a lead is attached to my harness I was not expecting any difference to myself, more for my human holding it.

Personal Observations:
1. Every time I slightly pulled away I felt a gentle pull back similar to the gentle corrective pull backs my human does when we are walking.
So I ended up walking beside my human more.

2. My human said the lead felt lighter.
(probably because I was walking beside them more)

3. I love the colour s chosen by the company as they match me quite well.

4. When I suddenly pulled sharply to one side (there was a tree that had to be sniffed) the lead has some flexibility so I wasn’t jolted to a stop and my human was not pulled off balance.

Overall Product Rating:
I have only had it a few days but up to now I am very happy with the lead. My human is happy to use it too.

Would I buy the product myself:
Yes I probably would, although as I now have one, not unless I wanted different a colour.

About the Company:
Paracord Leads North East specialise in Handmade Dog Leads.

These Leads are extremely versatile and can be used for show, agility, strength, work and everyday use.
They are made from 550 Parachute Cord and able to withstand up to 2000kg of weight in total. (Please don’t try at home!)

Don’t worry they won’t hurt your hands!
They are softer than normal rope and slightly stretchy...so your dog won’t be taking you for a walk.

More information and how to purchase the leads can be found on their Social media page:
Paracord Leads North East


Tags: Product Testing

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