Sainsbury’s are the second supermarket to go against the trend

and have stopped selling fireworks in all of their 2,300 stores this year.
I contacted Sainsbury’s for a comment and a spokeshuman was kind enough to reply but remained very tight lipped as to the specific reasons why they have stopped selling fireworks.

Regardless of the reasons why Sainsbury’s are not selling fireworks this year, lets hope it is a permanent business decision. I know it is now only two supermarkets that are turning away from fireworks, but hopefully others will follow suit and make the industry rely on officially organised displays only which still allows everyone to enjoy fireworks, but in a more controlled environment.

More importantly, an event that every human and animal negatively affected by the sight and sound of fireworks will have access to scheduled timings of local displays. Which would give them and their families time to get things in place to ensure the stress is reduced as much as possible.

Five years ago all Co-op stores stopped selling fireworks completely after two regions stopped selling them back in 2004.
They were concerned about public safety and increased antisocial behaviour. They wanted to show they are putting principles before profit by ordering a ban in all of their stores.

I would support only having fireworks in a safe and controlled environment.
As there would not be the constant anticipation of a sudden firework being set off daily at any time of the day (yes day) or night from mid October until Mid January.

Fireworks affect more than dogs, here are some examples of how everyone can be negatively affected by fireworks every year.
The vulnerable with medical and mental health issues that panic at the sound of every firework.

Every animal, wild and domesticated, that are not just frightened by the noise and flashes, but are exposed to injury or even poisoning from the used firework casings that are discarded and never disposed of properly. Which still have traces of the firework chemicals inside.

The general public being subjected to anti social activities involving fireworks.

The emergency services that have seen as increase of fireworks being set off towards them and their vehicles.

Stay Safe Pals!