Puppy Dog Eyes

We need to watch out pals.
It looks like the humans have caught on to our best treat gathering and cuddle weapon.

If it is true then we are really going to have to work hard to stop our humans finding out or spend ages retraining them.

Me training my human

Some human scientists have been researching to see if our puppy dog eyes look is an involuntary action or if we are able to control humans by using them.

The scientists have discovered that over the last 33,000 years of us living with and training humans, we have developed new facial muscles.

They have researched this by studying dogs and wolves. It was discovered that the muscle is present in domesticated dogs but not in wolves. The wolf is not domesticated and generally does not come into contact with humans. So over the thousands of years they had no need to develop these facial muscles.

One is called the levator anguli oculi medialis, or LAOM muscle. (medial corner of thyroid eye) Another muscle they found was present in dogs but not wolves or Huskies. It was the retractor anguli oculi lateralis or RAOL muscle. (retractor corner of lateral eyes).

Scientists love giving things Latin names to make them sound more impressive. Once they are translated they turn out to be really boring names.
I think they should have called it oculos canis catulus or even oculis humanis disciplinis BOL!

So pals, if you see your human looking for more information or reading anything about Puppy Dog Eyes, please make sure you stop them straight away or your path to easy treats and pampering may come to a sudden stop.

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