The Day Dogs Broke Twitter
Ok perhaps Twitter was not really broken but it caused loads of issues.

It slowed down for many and for some, it even froze up.

So what happened you may ask, well it all started so innocently...

It was the evening of the 19th of March 2018.
A dog (names have been withheld to spare embarrassment) received a tweet from a friend (whose name is also withheld to spare embarrassment) who innocently asked the dog to list 6 emojis that would describe themseves.

The dog thought it was a bit of innocent fun, so replied with their 6 emojis and tagged some other dogs in to join the fun. The dog thought no more of it.

What followed can only be described as utter chaos BOL!

Each friend replied to the tweet, tagging in a few of their dog friends and some humans, who in turn did the same. 
So before long everyone was receiving notification for every reply, like, retweet, new tweets.
It got so chaotic at one point a hashtag was even made for the occasion

There was the hope it would die down, but some dog along the way tagged a cat, so then there were additional notifications or replies, retweets and new tweets from cats. 
Even today there are still notifications being received by dogs that were part of the original tweet.

Although most have muted the conversation.