Fireworks - my view and suggestion
As I write this I am currently in day 10 of nightly fireworks. So I have decided to share my thoughts of fireworks, their sale and use.

I am not a negative dog and although they frighten the heck out of me I do feel that humans should get to enjoy them.
Even on the 'official' days to use them,  even with my humans trying their best to comfort me, I lie in my bed frightened to move and practicing my ability to cross my paws until the following morning.

I have observed that humans tend to time their own little stockpile lighting in between everyone else's lighting, so before you know it the whole night is a constant wait for the next firework. Then there is the not so nice element.
They buy fireworks, not to enjoy, but to make the most mischief and misery to others. Not to mention the additional need for emergency services that have to be involved.

My thought would be to remove fireworks from general sale and only have officially organised ones.
This would not only reduce the negative side of fireworks but it would also increase revenue for councils/districts that would organise the events.
They could even make a big thing about it by having a fair type thing with stalls and shows (more revenue opportunities).
Not to mention the cost saving for the emergency services.

The general public would also benefit from saving money as the cost of an event ticket would be cheaper than the fireworks and having a great social night(s) out and watch an awesome display instead of the few they could personally afford.
Even having fireworks over 2 or 3 nights so that everyone that worked could have a chance to see them.
Perhaps even a dusk type pre event display for the younger humans to enjoy.

Two or three nights are worse than one night you may say...
If the fireworks are organised then times could be listed for the actual fireworks and everyone that did not like fireworks could prepare for those times.
At least after that designated time frame we could all actually relax and recover quicker.

For those in officialdom that do not see the need for change, answer me this question ..
(referring to the not so nice element)
Do you know how many fireworks are sold?

Do you know when and where they were used?

Thank you for reading my view and until things are changed I will be hiding in my bed every evening almost constantly from late October to Early January. 

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