A dog has gone off their food

There are a lot of humans worried that their dogs have gone off their food.
It is always a worry when a dog stops eating, but before humans start rushing around in a panic there is something they need to consider...

From the moment a dog is born there is always a competition to eat. They have to compete with their siblings.
Even rescued dogs that are kennelled individually will still eat everything they are given as fast as they can because they know other dogs are around.

Lets face it humans don’t even think of how dogs think while eating, so don’t consider it to be a problem. They think it is cute when dogs grab food or a treat and try to bury it in their bed or in the garden. This is still quite an unhealthy grab and own attitude towards food.

Does this mean humans are wrong and should be doing something about it?
Not necessarily but it will explain why the kitchen is cleared of everything edible when no one is around or unguarded meals suddenly disappear and could further explain why bins are raided.

That is until some dogs decide that it is not a race and take a more leisurely attitude towards eating naturally.
Then the humans panic something is wrong and start trying to rationalise by changing the food and making a fuss, which in reality can cause stress to the dog as they are picking up on the human’s stress.
Which in turn makes the dog think there is something wrong with the food so they stop eating altogether.

So wait and watch to see if the dog eventually eats their food throughout the day. If they do then there is nothing to worry about, the dog has just decided they will eat when they are hungry and not just because there is food around.

Check the environment. Sometime eating in a bare kitchen is boring or lonely. 
What type of bowl can be a factor. Look at these before changing any types of food.

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