More than just a dog.
So many people that do not have dogs, or any animal do not understand the pure emotional bond their human's have with them.

With so much bad going on in the world and the constant blame and negativity against animals, it is not hard to see why I try to avoid the news and other social media news updates.

Yet I saw a story, which when I first saw it, filled me with hope of good people out there. 
An ordinary human posted to his friends that his beloved dog was nearing the time for that last walk across the rainbow bridge.
He wanted to make that last day special. 
As a single post it was barely noticeable among the vast sea of everyone else posting endless unimportant things. It was this human's last mark of respect for his dog that had been by his side for many years.

However it was noticed, and the word got out. Social media went into a frenzy and then the press took notice.
By the time that day came, there were posts of support from around the world.
Hundreds of dogs and their humans arrived to share this moment with them. Others that were too far away made their own little tribute to that moment too.

Everyone that read about this one final act was moved by it's simple but pure act of love and respect to a dog.

I howl to that dog and mark their journey across the rainbow bridge knowing what a happy life was all about.
So I say yes, we are more than just a dog.


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