Cold Pressed Food

As I mentioned recently, I was invited to be an ambassadog to a new business. As part of being an ambassadog I have to taste test brand new products before their launch.
- It’s a hard job but someone has to do it BOL!

Taste testing a brand new dog food that has not even been released yet !!
Woo Hoo !

To be confirmed 

Date of test:
Tasted it in July 2020

Brief Description:
I was sent two bag of food in re-sealable bags.

The food is cold pressed into a pellet shape. Is has an earthy but otherwise neutral colour and smell.
Which is good as it appears to not have any artificial flavours or colours.

The only difference between the two bags was that one had a sticker ‘Grain Free’ and the other had a sticker ‘With Grain’

Now with total lack of instructions of how they wanted me to test the product, I set about doing a full investigation.
I first of all tried them as a training treat.
- yes edible as a training treat but took a bit longer to crunch and enjoy.
- This may be due to it being a new product for me.

I tried eating some dry in two bowls to see if I preferred with or without grain.

I managed to successfully eat the entire contents of both bowls without hesitation.

My human repeated the test with the bowls swapped to see if I preferred the with/without grain. I however still ate from the left bowl first then the other.
So I will call that as I like both and don’t really mind if it has grains or not.

I also tried the food soaked.
When soaking it, you can choose how much water to add so that you can create softer pellets or make a complete porridge composition.

The test was a complete fail as I have never been a dog that likes my food soaked, although it was worth trying.

The bigger test was to see how it stood up to my normal dried food. A small amount was placed into my bowl alongside my normal food.
I did select and eat the new food before eating my normal food every time. Again it didn’t matter if it was with or without grain.

10/10 Paws
I was quite excited with this new food and once the sample bags ran out I did have a day or two of protest until I ate my normal food again.
I am looking forward to the launch date.


Disclosure: I enjoyed their treats so much, I became a stockist - My review was not influenced by the fact I am a stockist


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