Don't be a weekend warrior

As the lockdown is easing and we are all starting to venture outside, where we will be starting to embrace the new normal. I have to warn you of a real and common problem.
It is a variety of injuries that is caused by being a weekend warrior.

What is a weekend warrior? Imagine life before the lockdown where your human was busy working all week. You would only get brief walks or longer on lead walks.

Then comes the weekend where everyone jumps into the car and rushes to the beach, the park or out into the countryside to spend time with family or meet up with pals.

Arriving at the destination, the car doors and boot is opened and everyone suddenly rushes around at full speed for the first time all week.

This is where the injuries can occur. From not stretching and warming up properly and getting over excited in playing that you forget to be careful.

This is where injuries to both human and animals, can occur. From simple slips, trips or falls. To more serious torn muscles or ligaments. Or even worse, cuts or broken bones.

The best way to avoid being a weekend warrior is to follow some simple advice:

- Do not jump out of the car and immediately run about.
Not that you should be doing this anyway.
- Do initial meeting and greeting on lead until everyone has calmed down from meeting up again.

- Do the first part of the walk on lead to get your muscles warmed up and get rid of the initial excitement and energy of being out.

- Remember that your pals you are meeting up with or others in the area may still be a bit nervous about being out and about or having anyone near them. Some may even be wearing masks.
This could change how you act and behave differently around them. So don’t run up to or around them.
Stay safe pals !  

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