Doggy Delish's Record Attempt

Doggy Delish was the location of a recent record attempt.
I am not sure if it is an actual real world record, but to them it was a record BOL!

It was the 23rd June 2018 and it was a lovely warm sunny day. Doggy Delish welcomed the record breaking hounds.

There were:
3 greyhounds,
Dusty, Zero and Major
1 lurcher,
4 whippets
Kai, Sammy, Rooby, Tess
1 podenco x
This meant that 9 dogs were going to attempt to enter the shop at the same time.

Now it must be pointed out that although nine dogs do not sound a lot but Doggy Delish has a relatively small shop front.
The record was achieved!
9 dogs in Doggy Delish at the same time. There was a cheer and celebratory treats were handed out.

It was as the treats were being handed out that chaos broke out.

One of the Whippets decided to do some shelve shopping and a very tired greyhound decided that the pile of dog beds were there for her to use.

All in all Doggy Delish were happy with the record and said is was wonderful to have so many dogs in the shop at the same time.

Special thanks to Professional animal photographer Paul McGuiness who was there to photograph the dogs as they left the shop.

Doggy Delish is a family run pet food manufacturer that have been making dog treats, pupcakes, Birthday cakes and other very tasty snacks since 2014.

In March 2018 they opened their shop in North Shields and since then they have been meeting and greeting all types and sizes of dogs every day.

Visit their website

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