Remembering Fred
- Rosanne and David

Fred suffered a stroke overnight on Friday 9th April 2021 and went to sleep on Saturday at the vets.
After 6 years and 2 months together, we are obviously very upset.
But we are also thankful for the happy times together, after adopting Fred through Springer Rescue Scotland. 

Fred ‘clattered’ into our lives in January 2015 and the bond was immediate.
On the 85 -mile drive back home, he slept sound in the car. He only woke up when we took the slip road off the A1 near our house and he sat upright knowing he was home.  
The bond between Tess and Fred developed quickly and you could always find them cuddled together. If Tess decided she wanted to be where Fred was, then she walked over him and if he did not move, then she would sit on him until he moved.
All the time, Fred just wagged his tail and let Tess boss him! We had not long had Fred when I decided to make a mille-feuille and was delighted when my puff-pastry came out of the oven thin and looking professional.
I left the kitchen and within 15 seconds heard a clatter. I ran back in and the only evidence of the pastry was the baking tin on the floor and crumbs on Tess and Fred’s head and whiskers! 

Anything happening in our house or visitors to our house, Fred was in the middle.
We had to warn, “don’t take your shoes off as Fred will steal them”; “don’t put bags on the floor as he will rummage in them and steal whatever he fancies”.
Stones were a delight of his to bring in the house, the dirtier the better! Plants were to be trampled over and/or brought in.
Anything within Fred’s reach was prime for being stolen! But Fred had a look where you could never be annoyed at him as he took such joy at showing off his loot! 

Our house is too quiet without him. You would be eating your breakfast and hear Fred snooping upstairs, then his clattering down the stairs to show us what he had stolen.
The noise of him slurping a bowl of water or jumping up to see what was on the table or work top. His snoring!
And as for his lengthy and loud cleaning habit! As you can tell, we have lots of happy memories of Fred to comfort us.
Having a dog will bless you with the happiest days of your life, and one of the worst. 

Rosanne and David