The Touch of Sight

I was not in the best of health as I could hardly see and knew I would not be the ‘ideal’ dog to get adopted.

Especially as any new human that allowed me to take up space on their sofa would in all likelihood have vet bills to pay for from the start. So I resigned myself to always being overlooked for the chance of a sofa to call my own.

However on the 8th of January 2012 when I was about 18 months old, everything changed. A human saw me and could see I had dry eyes but not knowing how bad until they took me to see my vet. My eyes were full of ulcers and over the next two and a half years my human and the vet tried every ointments, drops, steroids and lots of pain killers on the market to help but they would only work for a while then we would be back to square one with the ulcers returning.
I was in a lot of discomfort and in a lot of pain most of the time, my eyes were glued shut every morning and it would take half an hour or more to gently bathe them open and because my eye lids were so weak they would bleed. I knew my human and the vet were trying their best for me but I knew they were fighting a losing battle.

On the 3rd of November 2014 after going backwards and forwards nearly every week, we went to see the vet where my human had tears in their eyes and heartbroken they agreed the time had come. I stood shocked and thought my life was short but at least I had been shown unbelievable kindness and had met a human that had left no stone unturned to try and provide comfort for my pain. So I was booked in to the vet one more time. My human never slept, cried a lot and I could see the pain in their eyes at the decision that was made.

On the 6th of November I was taken to the vet and knowing I had humans around me that loved me I fell asleep.

Then I woke up! I was sore but I was no longer in pain. The feeling was great. The limited vision I did have was gone but I was not in pain any more. I could hear my human and wagged my tail and tried to get up, my human was crying again but the crying was different, it was more of a happy crying. I stayed at the vet for a little while as the wounds from surgery to remove my eyes got better.
Once I got home I knew I was back at home because of the familiar smells. It took me a few days to get my bearings and getting used to bumping into things and how to walk without tripping over and using my hearing and paws as a guide. Even though I found everything strange and different my tail never stopped wagging as I was so happy.

Now I play, run off lead and play with my other furpals. They can see that I am blind so don’t mind too much if there is the odd collision into them and sometimes they help guide me. I am no longer in pain and now love sofa cuddles with my human. Finding doorways and working out where the actual door is can still be a bit tricky as the door always seems to be in a different place, but I can handle that. Plus my human is there to help me when I need it.

So if you are struggling with the same issues, let your humans know about me and my story.
Just because a dog is blind it does not mean they cannot enjoy life.

My name is Kiera-kake  - KK for short. Follow me on my facebook page where I post my adventures and plenty of videos of my adventures and try my best to support other dogs and their humans going through the same thing. 

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Finally I would like to thank my human and the vet who without their determination I would not be here today, and all of my friends and followers that supported me and my humans through the painful times.

Me Before Me After


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