Home is where the Art is

I recently repawted that Scout was to feature on the TV show, Home is where the Art is on BBC 1.
On the show humans get to choose an art piece from three different artists that use different artistic methods and materials.
Then a very badly timed government announcement delayed the actual airing of it.

After much anticipation, and what felt like forever, the programme was aired and I eventually got to watch the episode. Woo Hoo!

It was definitely worth the wait and I would recommend you watch it if you haven’t seen it yet.
I contacted Scout and even though he has a very busy schedule, he and his family had time for an interview.

I First interviewed Scout:

How did you get to be on Home is where the Art is?
We spotted a post on our local rescue’s Facebook page
(East Midlands Dog Rescue)
by one of the show’s producers looking for a special rescue dog to feature in an art program.

We emailed and then had to do a Skype interview (Sparky was very naughty during this, throwing himself around ).

How long did filming actually take?
The filming started in the Summer and finished in November.

Did you get to meet the artists or the hosts of the show?
I got to meet Anthony the wood sculptor when he delivered my HUGE wooden Scout sculpture He had lots of very special Scouty kisses.

What was the best bit about the show?
The best bit of the show was when me, Misty, Sparky and Mouse got to run around a huge field being silly for the film crew, we did make them laugh so much and they couldn’t believe how fast I can run!

Were you happy with your humans choices?
I was really happy with both of the choices, I am glad one of me wasn’t left behind.

Interviewing his furfamily:

Did you get to meet the artists and hosts?
We all got to meet Anthony the wood sculptor who was a lovely chap and didn’t mind us climbing all over him.

Were you squirrelled away when the artists visited?
We had to be out of the house when the artists visited and went on a day trip to Stratford.
We then had a sleep over at Aunty Sandy’s house at the rescue.

Were there loads and loads of treats involved?
We had LOTS of treats during our filming segments to stop us from running off!

Interviewing Scout’s Humans:

Did you enjoy your experience?
We loved the experience from start to finish.

We would never have considered the type of artwork that we chose which just goes to show how art can change your way of thinking.

Both pieces tell their own story.
The ceramic piece shows Scout’s quirky side and cheeky sense of humour

Whereas the wooden sculpture tells more of Scout’s journey through life represented by the intricately carved symbols that circle the plinth that Scout sits on - his book , For the Love of Scout, the Green Plaque that celebrates Scout’s achievements and of course, his beloved Mickey Mouse, his first ever toy

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