Horse Poop Dangers
What is wrong with eating horse poop?

Well apart from disgusting your human there is an actual risk to dogs. Horses are wormed once or twice a year.
The main ingredient in the wormer is Ivermectin which can be dangerous.

Ivermectin is used by vets for dogs too, so what is the problem?
True vets do use Ivermectin on dogs to treat heartworm and some types of mange.
The problem starts when the quantities are taken into account.
Most dog breeds do not exceed 45kg and horses can be around 450kg in weight, so there is a risk that any horse wormer that has passed through the horse could be consumed by dogs.
Some dogs can be very sensitive to the medication and have a reaction.

What are the known facts of this type of poisoning?
Our humans do not know when or how often horses are wormed so always worry about us. Generally horses are wormed once or twice a year, the main worming time is generally spring just before the grass starts to grow.
Peak poop contamination times are usually 2-3 days after the horse was wormed. After two weeks the poop should be clear from medication.
First of all we would have to consume a lot of poop to be affected.
Approximate consumption to medication ratios are (assuming we eat the poop when it is at it's maximum medication saturation)
A 10kg dog would have to eat 200g of poop (sensitive dogs) or 4kg of poop (non sensitive dogs)

I ate a bit of horse poop, should I panic now?
Not yet. First get your human to check for any of the following symptoms.
Stumbling or uncoordinated movement
Dilated pupils

Although this article may put your human's mind at rest I think they may prefer you didn't eat poop at all. Tell them to bring better treats out with them on your walks.

Stay safe out there furpals


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