Finding an abandoned fawn

Repawter: Pennines Wildlife Rescue

Deer deliver their newborns in the strangest of places!
Residents will find them and be concerned about a newborn deer on their lawn, in their garden, under the azaleas, etc.
Most call because they think the fawn is in peril and Mom is nowhere to be found. Well, Mom is actually off feeding and helping to keep predators away.
Those who call ask what they should do for the fawn ... Leave it alone, do not touch, move or attempt to feed it.

Here's the scoop.
Deer are NOT like horses. They do not have their legs under them immediately and need time to rest after birth. Horses get up and go that's the sign of a healthy horse. A healthy fawn will curl up, nap most of the day and move their heads. They have no scent and predators cannot find them unless humans interfere.
Mom leaves during the day for 2 primary reasons: to feed, and to keep her scent a distance from the fawn. Mom will come back (unless something tragic happens to her), but don't expect her until dusk and certainly don't expect her if humans are hovering around.

If you are fortunate enough to have the gift of a fawn please enjoy the experience, respect Mother Nature and let the Mom do what comes naturally.
She will move the fawn daily so you may see it in different locations.

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