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New venues throughout the UK

Launched in 2007, Pet Blood Bank UK is the only charity that provides a canine blood bank service for all veterinary practitioners across the UK.

Their products and services are available to all UK veterinary professionals 24 hours a day, 365 days a year ensuring that blood is accessible when it is needed most.

Just like people, sick and injured animals may need blood transfusions and in many cases, blood transfusions can save a pet's life.

Every one of their lifesaving donors makes a huge difference.
With every unit of donated blood having the potential to help save the lives of up to four other dogs.
Venues around the UK have held pet blood donor sessions.

Check Pet Blood Bank UK website to see if there are venues near you that hold regular blood donor sessions.
If there are no donation sessions near you, please still register your dog as Pet Blood Bank UK are gradually expanding their sessions across the UK.
They need a minimum of 60 dogs in an area to hold a session, so ask your friends to consider registering their dogs too.

There are minimum weight, size and health criteria that animals need to pass before being considered as a donor. Contact Pet Blood Bank UK for their full guidance.

Never just turn up for a donor session, you need to have been registered and booked in beforehand,

Pet blood bank UK also hold blood donor sessions for cats and Alpacas. Even more reason to make sure you register and book in .

Contact details:
For more information visit their website:

To register or book in, please call:
01509 232 222

or visit their website:  

New donor venues
Animal Trust, Blackburn - Saturday 6th February

Hadrian Vets - Hexham Sunday 7th February

Moorview Vets, Ashington - Saturday 13th February

Sheriffs Highway Vets, Gateshead - Saturday 20th February

Vets4pets, Carlisle - date to be confirmed

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