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Southeastern Railway puts itself in the doghouse

Southeastern Railway managed to put themselves in the doghouse due to some very unfortunate wording in their pet policy.

Included in their policy they had a sentence that was negative to a specific breed.
"....Dog breeds that are considered potentially aggressive, such as Greyhound, must wear a muzzle at all times during your journey and at stations...." 

Under the Dangerous dog Act there are 4 breeds of dog listed, non of which are greyhounds.
The fact that the majority of 'dangerous dogs' are down to poor training and socialisation, to name and shame a specific breed does not do any favours to anyone.
Perhaps the human that worded the policy may not have a dog to share/take over their sofa and are not familiar with specific breeds.

I have no idea why greyhounds have been singled out as they usually spend 75% of their day sprawled out on a sofa, bed or other suitably comfortable surfaces.

The policy has now been amended to read:
"....Please respect your fellow passengers – who may not be comfortable with dogs – and keep your dog on a lead at all times...."
Which I think is worded better and less negative to their 4 legged passengers.

I contacted Southeastern Railway and apart from the pleasant hard working and totally swamped human I contacted last night (6th April) via Twitter, as yet the company has not replied to my email. I will update you all with any response/reply.


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