Let's finish 2020 with a smile
So that everyone could finish this year with a smile, I found some bizarre laws. BOL!

Bizarre laws in the UK
1. It is illegal to handle a salmon in 'suspicious circumstances'. The Law Commission have never defined what constitutes as being 'suspicious' with a salmon.

2. It is illegal to be drunk in any licensed premises.

3. It illegal to write, stamp, print, or draw on a bank note.
It is also forbidden to destroy a coin.

4. It is illegal to be intoxicated while you have a horse or cow in your care.

5. It is illegal to eat mince pies on Christmas day
6.  It is illegal to enter the Houses of Parliament wearing a suit of armour.

7. Gambling is illegal in a library

Bizarre Laws in the USA:
8. KANSAS - Hitting a vending machine that stole your money is illegal.

9. NORTH DAKOTA - You may be jailed for wearing a hat while dancing, or even for wearing a hat to a function where dancing is taking place.

10. NEW JERSEY - All motorists must honk before passing another car, bicyclist, skater, and even a skateboarder.

11. ALABAMA - It is illegal to drive blindfolded

12. NEW YORK - Slippers are banned after 10pm.

Bizarre laws in Australia:
13.It is illegal to get drunk in a pub.

14. you cannot possess more than 50kg of potatoes in western Australia

15. Taxi cabs in Queensland are required to carry a bale of hay in their trunk

16. In Melbourne, it is against the law to vacuum between 10pm and 7am during weekdays, and 10pm and 9am during weekends. 

17. Bars are required by law to stable, water and feed the horses of patrons.

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