Doris the lurcher here on a roving report. Well, roving as far as Elaine's volunteering at Sussex Homeless Support.

I thought I'd give you an update on the street dogs of Brighton as it's winter preparation time.

Buddy the Staffie has given me the lowdown on his fellow pooches and how they're getting on.
He's having a great time, as ever, being carted around in his bicycle side car!
Buddy has a new coat, but to be honest he wears one all year.

Clara the JRT has got herself a new jumper but was horrified when she realised she'd also have to have an annual vaccine, bless her.
Luckily the vets had treats and are always up for a cuddle.

The big friendly Mastiff girl ordered a new lead as she'd lost hers and was on a piece of string.
She's old now so would never run off but her owner wanted her to look smart.

And Bryan the Labrador spent most of his time trying to steal food from the soup kitchen.... as usual.

So basically all the street dogs are fit and well, they are very much loved.  ps I have changed the dogs names but all exist and are exactly like that!

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