There has always been a problem with animal theft and most of us are aware of it and take a lot of precautions to prevent it.
Due to the covid lockdown there has been an increased demand for puppies and kittens.

Ordinarily this would be potentially a great thing as there are plenty of reputable breeders and shelters out there, however due to lockdown, a lot of these places have been told to reduce or cease selling/adopting animals.

This has created a demand for animals from less reputable sources. This has the potential risk of money changing hands with unscrupulous humans who would think nothing of stealing animals to force them to breed for puppies or kittens that they can then sell at greatly inflated prices to meet this new demand.

There are now reports that animals are being stolen off the streets and even from humans as they are being walked.

So when you are out and about please ensure your human does as much as possible to keep themselves and you safe.

Even though we have to socially distance, try to walk with family members or members in your bubble. Or walk in areas where a lot of others walk regularly, but keep a very safe distance.

Reduce off lead walks to secure areas or at home.

Whatever you do pals, ensure you keep safe and stay alert.

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