Games to play with your humans

Indoor fetch is a good game to play when it is too cold outside or it is raining.

Its is good to play as it wears me out and my human gets some exercise and training too BOL!

My human gets an armful of my toys and sits on the sitting room floor. Be careful of which toys are used as they will be thrown about the house and you need to consider any breakable items around.

They then throw one toy into the kitchen (your human could aim for anywhere else as long as it is safe) and I run to get it. When I return I have to drop the toy and they throw another one.

This game can get very fast and apart from the odd time that toys end up in the sink it is great for practicing recall and GIVE with your human.
This is repeated until I get worn out or the return part of the game gets a bit lapse and my human has nothing left to throw.

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