Off to a pawsome start
The Olympics and Paralympics are happening ! 

For around 18 months we have pretty much sat and held our breath while the world changed for us all.

The start of the NEW world is beginning and some are rushing out to greet it, while others cautiously peek around the corner.

However you move forward, remember we are all different and deal with things differently.

By the time this issue of my newspaper is published, half of the Olympics will have already have had their races and competitions.

Nevertheless it is pawsome to see that the Olympics and Paralympics are happening. Okay it may be a year late and the eerie silence from the spectators stands, bar the few team mates and Olympic staff trying their best to cheer everyone on.

To some this may be just some sport, but this is the first real step forward for everyone since the start of the pandemic.

Things behind the scenes are still strange and very controlled for the health and safety of everyone, but it is after all happening.

So congratulations to Team GB for the medals they have won so far, and paws crossed they will get many more before the end of these Olympics/Paralympics.

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