You think I am a what...?

Repawter: Doris the Roving Reporter

Followers of me on social media will know that I was recently, and joyfully, mistaken for a donkey by a child.
Yep, a donkey, I may be grey but I only weigh 24kg!

Anyway, my friends and I discussed the animals we've all been called.
Bearing in mind we are all mainly greyhound like, here's our list....

Tiger - predominantly the brindle hounds

Horse or pony - greyhound to whippet

Donkey - just me

Giraffe - the taller ones

Cow - yep, you guested, the black and white hounds

Zebra Dog - is that a species?

Wolf - the fluffy hounds

And my personal favourite...
Dinosaur - obviously a houndasaurus.

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