1st February 2019

Yora Pet Food

Dolly, the top dog at Yora Pet Foods, sent me a free bag of their food to test and review.

Product(s) Received:
1 x bag of Yora Pet Food

Products Used:
Yora Pet Food

It feels like recycled paper, several layers to keep the food fresh. With a sealed plastic type inner where the food is.
Both the bag and the lining are fully compostable.

The feeding guide and ingredients are clearly placed on the packaging.
Although my human, being an ancient relic, either needs longer arms or the print to be a bit bigger.

Using the Product:
1. Earthy smell - not unpleasant but also no artificial smell to make it seem more attractive.

2. Surprisingly the food is little triangle shaped kibble. There are no artificial colours.

3. Nice and crunchy

Personal Observations:
1. I was pleased to see that when poured I did not get a bowl full of insects.

2. I have eaten Yora pet food for a week now and I have no adverse reaction or refusal to eat it.

3. My *ahem* luff puffs still do not smell, much to the relief of my humans.

4. Also much to my human’s relief their poop bag duties are easy as I still have nice firm deposits for them to collect.

Overall Product Rating:

I was surprised how ‘normal’ it looked even though it is made from insects. It was a relief to see it had no artificial colours or flavours.
The thought of eating more environmentally sustainable food would appeal to a lot of humans.

Would I buy the product myself:
Well there is the crunch pals, if I was not honest you would not value my opinion.
Even though I was given a free bag to trial I do have to say the cost is the problem with me.
Perhaps in the future when my budget could sustain it, I would definitely look at changing to Yora Pet Food full time.

Tags: Product Testing