Dog trap stolen from The Dog Trapping Team

The Trapping Team help catch and reunite missing dogs.
As a small team they help throughout the country, the team is not paid for their work or the equipment they use.
They only have 4 large traps and 18 medium/smaller traps to cover the whole of the UK.

They had just successfully reunited one dog and were organising moving the trap for next dog to help.
With landowners permission the trap had been left in place with the door section removed so that wildlife could not possibly get accidentally caught.
Using a heavy duty chain and padlock the trap was chained to a nearby tree.
The trap is 5ft x 4ft x 4ft - so not small.
When they returned to pick up the trap they were shocked to discover not only had the trap been stolen but whoever did it had cut down the tree the chain was wrapped around.

As you can see by the picture below it is clearly marked to show what the trap is for.
(continues below picture)

When I contacted The Dog Trapping Team for a statement,  Roxy said "It is a great loss to the team as we have many requests for help and have now only 3 large traps in the UK.
We would love to have the trap back so that we can continue with our work helping lost dogs.
The trap is of a size that couldn't be mistaken and has hidden hallmarks to make easy to identify so if it ever turns up or is sighted in use it can be easily identified as our stolen trap" 

The trap was stolen from Stevenage Road in Hitchin, Hertfordshire.
Anyone with information, know of its whereabouts or even are the person(s) responsible and have left it somewhere to be recovered, then please get in contact with The Trapping Team on Facebook