Tigger's Tails -June 2016

I am excited as I am going to a walk where there will be thousands of dogs this month.
It's 5th June 2016, which makes it The Great North Dog Walk 2016 - woo hoo !! I am doing the walk to raise funds for a charity close to my heart, SHAK (Safe Homes and Kindness), because if it was not for them I would not have found my humans and my forever home.

My humans organised everything to take with us to make sure I was not without anything.
Spare lead, water, bowl, coat in casre it rained, first aid kit and most importantly of all TREATS !!!

It is a pity they were not a bit more orgainsed getting there.
They used satnav so got there relatively quickly... and that is where is went down hill from there lol.
They managed to find a car park that still had spaces right near the registration tent and start line woo hoo !!
- but hang on, they don't have change with them <img

So out of the carpark and along the promenade for a free parking space.... further... further...parking space !!.
After quickly parking up before someone else parked there and got of the car. I looked towards the venue tents... but it was out of sight
We started walking and after what felt like forever we eventually got to the start line, but wait we need to sign in. More walking !!

We then stood in a queue for ages and then we discovered we were standing in the wrong queue !! Honestly my humans should not be let out in public. Next year I will do the organising lol.
After standing in another queue for what seemed like forever we eventually signed in and went to look for my friend Strawberry, who being much wiser had herded her human to the refreshment stands lol.

Strawberry and I waiting at the starting line.

During the walk we met loads and loads of other dogs and their humans. It was funny to see them all, some dogs happy to be there with equally happy humans, some enthusiastic dogs dragging thier humans round the walk, some dogs wishing for their sofa with far too enthusiastic humans, and some where both dog and human wishing for the finishing line lol.

Overall it was a great day and apart from Strawberry entrusting my human to do some videoing for her human (I really need to have words with my human), we all really enjoyed the day.
We got certificates to say we had been on the walk and we bought T-shirts for our humans as a reward for their good work.

Well I am off to stretch out on the sofa for a well deserved break.
Thank you again for everyone that sponsored me.

I couldn't quite make it to the sofa.

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