Tigger's Tails - February 2018

2nd February
My newspaper seems to get more readers every month.
Which is pawsome!

This month's issue included a few valentine messages that readers had sent in.

8th February

I was thanked by a visitor to my website that my Out and About section also has information for limited mobility humans too.
This is something I always add when I have the information.

9th February
Today I have two new stockists of my newspaper.
Castaways and chesterfield Hydrotherapy Referral Centre.

10th February
Today's adventure was a very muddy walk followed by my human thinking I needed a new hat!
The things I have to put up with BOL!


27th February
The 'Beast from the East' has arrived and apart from blowing a fence down, it is snowing heavily.
Stay safe out there pals.