Tigger's Tails - August 2019

Hi readers,
I am so exited to reach August’s issue as it means my newspaper has reached another publishing Birthday.
This is the 2nd year of publication. Woo Hoo!

I would like to thank all of the regular columnists and repawters that send in their content every month.
I would also like to thank everyone that has read, shared, submitted reviews, articles and sent in ideas to improve the newspaper.

You are all pawsome pals and as a small self funded business (one hound, one human) we would like to thank you all so much.
I still hope one day to break even and possibly even quit work and focus this full time. (a pup can dream BOL!)

Please visit the shop page on my website to see what pawsome things I sell.

I am also looking for businesses and services happy to advertise in my newspaper (from £20 per month)

Nose bump to you

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