Tigger's Tails - September 2019

Hi Pals,
With so much rain recently I thought I was going to have to grow some gills.

Along with the rain there were a lot of thunder and lightning.
I don’t like the thunder and lightning. I am not sure if it is the noise or the extra static in the air that makes me really unsettled. Whatever it is, I have demanded the return of my shed (cage/crate).
My human spent so long getting me confident enough to be able to store it away. Now I feel I really want it back.

So I sent my human to the darkest area of wherever they store things and find my shed.

Before my human had even finished fitting it out, I jumped in (with my human still in it) and went to sleep.
This made my human’s job of fitting it out much harder, but I am sure they loved the challenge BOL!

Below is a picture of my fitted out shed. Although it still needs a thicker blanket over the top to make it darker inside.
It hasn't been put on yet as it was also put in a 'stored away' part of the hose BOL!

Nose bump to you

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