Tigger's Tails - December 2018

Hi readers,
I had an unexpected vet visit this month as the toe I broke in 2015 started hurting me . My humans rushed me to the vet to see what was going on.
They were worried that I had broken my toe again.
Thankfully I had not , but the screw from the first operation was hurting me so I had to have an operation to have it removed. The vet said it was because when I am jumping or zooming around I was a powerful launcher on my back toes!
Silly vet I am a lurcher BOL!

I am now healing and resting up as the vet has advised.

Other exciting news is that I can now introduce our new newspaper columnist, Trainee PD Jay, who will be writing a monthly column about his journey as a trainee police dog.

This will give you all a unique insight of Jay as he goes from trainee to working Police Dog.
Welcome Jay!
Nose bump to you

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