Tigger's Tails - July 2020

Hi Pals,
Well it looks like the lockdown in England has been eased and we are all allowed to go out, socialise and get back to work. Although some industries are not allowed to re-open yet.

The message is not clear about distance, mask wearing, or even how long we have to continue to live in this new normal.

I have no medical training and as a dog I do not have the answers. When I was asked for my opinion, I always give the same answer.
Until medical evidence is clear and absolute, your humans should do what makes them feel more protected and less stressed about being out and about and trying to get back to a relatively normal life. If it means wearing a mask, then wear a mask. If it means keeping a social distance, keep a social distance.
Whatever your humans decide to do, I hope everyone respects their choice and continues to stay safe.

Nose bump to you

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